Finish your degree.
C2C can help.

Do you have some college credits but no degree?

Complete 2 Compete (C2C) helps people like you go back to college and graduate.

Life happens, and we can’t always finish college when we start it. C2C helps adults who left college at least 2 years ago to go back to a Mississippi community college or university and FINISH a degree.

Can you relate?

• Has it been a few years since you were last in college?
• Do you pass up job opportunities because they require a degree?
• Are you afraid that you would have to “start over” if you went back to college?
• Does it feel embarrassing to tell people that you don’t have a degree?
• Would it be a financial burden to pay for college?
• Is it hard to talk with your kids about college when you haven’t finished yet?
• Do you think about finishing your degree, but feel clueless about where to start?

If any of these are true, C2C may be a good fit for you!

How C2C Helps:
Resources for Returning Students

As an adult, you have different needs than incoming freshmen when you go back to college. C2C is a free program that provides resources and support for returning students like you.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can receive as a C2C participant:

C2C Coach

You’ll be partnered with a C2C Coach who will help you make the most of your past college credits and achieve your degree.

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Many C2C participants receive a renewable $1,000 grant to pay for college costs. Other financial aid may be available.

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Degree Options

We will help you reach graduation as quickly as possible with degree options that are only available to C2C participants.

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How do I start?

1. Register
for C2C

Complete the quick, free registration form to find out what benefits you can receive

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2. Complete Your
Welcome Call

Talk with us about your questions and next steps.

3. Start Your

With the help of C2C, you’ll be on your way toward your college degree.

When you register for C2C, you are not required to enroll in any programs. You will see if you qualify for any benefits that can help you finish your degree. C2C is a completely free program that gives support and resources to qualifying returning students.

Hear from Graduates

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