I learned about the C2C program from Facebook one night while I was in the ER with my husband waiting to be transferred to a room.

In all honesty, when I applied for the C2C program, I thought it was a joke or a scam. Although I was very skeptical, I applied to see if it could possibly be real. I was uncertain about this until Latoyia Smith from Alcorn called me the next evening.

I wanted to earn my degree through the C2C program to complete my bachelor’s degree and move into the master’s program. I wanted to improve life for my family.

When I left school, I was one semester short of a degree in Elementary Education. Why? Because of the lack of funds.

By pursuing my degree through the C2C program and the award of the C2C Grant, I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree without having to pay very much at all.

Latoyia, my C2C coach, was very influential in helping me make the decision to complete my degree. After evaluating my transcript, she said that I only needed one class to finish a degree in General Studies. She helped me find a class I could attend (one day a week in the evening) and worked tirelessly with me throughout the process to ensure that everything was done promptly.

One example of the help my coach provided is when the instructor told me I was no longer on his roll at mid-term exams, Latoyia called me before I’d even left the campus to say that she’d straightened everything out.

Being a role model for my four kids was a great motivation for me. I wanted them to see me going to school while raising them, taking care of a sick husband, and, at times, a sick son. I wanted them to understand that if I can do it with all that going on, they can do it, too.

It was hard. My mom helped me by scheduling the use of her car so that I could get to class each week. My husband got sick and was hospitalized. My youngest son is a graduating senior in high school. Maintaining everything was very difficult, but C2C made achieving my education goals possible.

The first thing I plan to do with my degree is see if I can advance in my current job. If that opportunity isn’t there, I will continue to work at the Children’s Shelter part-time, because I love it. I’ll find a second job with better pay and advancement opportunities.

Just as I hope to inspire my kids, I hope that my story can inspire others considering the C2C program. Don’t give up on your dream. Anything worth having will be difficult, but once you have your education, nobody can take that from you.

If your coach doesn’t get back to you in one day, like Latoyia did, just be patient. They are helping hundreds of people like you and me, so don’t be discouraged and don’t give up.

It felt great to walk across the stage and graduate Magna Cum Laude. C2C can make this possible for you.