She had a job, a husband, and a family. She didn’t have a degree. And her dream of becoming a nurse was still weighing on her. Here’s the story of how self-determination and an encouraging Complete 2 Compete (C2C) Coach helped Elizabeth Yates go back to school and get closer to making her dream a reality.

Lost motivation

The first time Elizabeth attended East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), she battled severe depression. She lost her motivation and was forced to drop out just a few courses short of her degree. Once her depression had been treated, she began working full-time, and never dreamed she would go back to finish her degree.

“But after working in the corporate world for many years, I was becoming tired of just being a Social Security number,” she explains. “I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my dream of having a degree and becoming a nurse.”

Back to school

Elizabeth visited EMCC to see what it would take to complete her degree. She landed in the office of Michele Arney, the C2C Coach, and was introduced to the C2C program. “Michele immediately started going over my past credits and encouraged me to apply for the C2C program to complete the last few courses I needed for my associate degree.”

To Elizabeth’s surprise, Michele was able to get her immediately enrolled and she started online classes the next week! During the Spring and Summer terms, Elizabeth successfully completed the four courses she needed to earn her associate degree in business.

Shared Success

Elizabeth is rightfully proud of her accomplishment. “It’s so uplifting. I have a degree now, and I completed it while working full-time and being a wife and mother.”

She also heaps praise on her coach for helping her as she completed her degree. “Michele was a lifesaver for me,” says Yates, “She was always available when I needed her or had any questions. I will forever be grateful for her encouraging me every step of the way.”

Next up – her nursing degree

Now that she’s completed her business degree, Elizabeth will continue on to get her nursing degree. She sees that having two degrees – one in business and one in nursing – will open even more avenues for her in the field of nursing.

While she admits it was a tough decision to make, she is quick to encourage others to follow her example, “I’m living proof that it’s NEVER too late to go back to school. I never saw myself going back, but I will forever be happy that I did. And having an amazing C2C Coach like Michele has made it an incredible experience.”

One small step

Every worthwhile journey begins with a single step. For Elizabeth Yates, that small step was applying to the Complete 2 Compete program. C2C is a program established to help Mississippi adults go back to earn the degree they’ve always wanted. With the assistance of a personal C2C Coach, you can identify the fastest pathway to completing your degree, navigate the process, and be on your way to achieving your goals. Click here to see if you’re eligible for this valuable program.